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Visit us at the studio for a consultation.  We'd love to meet and show you around the building and portrait parks.
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My best work is portraiture of animal companions individually, in groups and with their adoring people.  Even better is when those portraits are created in our beautiful Alaska outdoor settings.

I love making people and their animal companions happy.

Thank you for considering my work.

Our team

David, Carol, Carolyn, Flash and Layla are excited to be a part of your portrait experience.

Call (907) 868-1680 Monday - Friday; 10-4 p.m. for session information or to schedule a free portrait consultation (recommended.)

The studio schedules sessions weekends but plan well ahead because those dates are often scheduled months in advance.

Thank you for considering our work.



Artwork from the studio is on display throughout Anchorage.  We exhibit images of animal companions around town to bring smiles to the faces of people when they need them the most.  Locations include Providence Hospital's Horizon House, Cancer and Radiology Center and several outpatient lobbies.  Dogs, cats and other animal companions are also featured at several veterinarian and doctor offices in town.  These are all donated as a public service.

In print

Portraits from David Jensen Photography (aka Alaska Pet-ography) appear in homes around the world, in publications such as Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy, on calendars and in magazines internationally.

The studio recently published its second book called When Age Has No Leash - Lessons learned from senior dogs.    This book is a followup to the nationally award winning It's Important to Paws - Lessons learned from animal companions.  Copies of both books have been been purchased by families throughout Alaska; nationally; in Canada; Australia; Greece and beyond.   We've also donated countless copies to local non-profit organizations for enjoyment by their guests and residents.

These hardbound, coffee table books includes more than 500 animal companion portraits with fun and sentimental observations based on David's 25 years of work with people, dogs, cats horses, ferrets, Guinea Pigs, snakes, rabbits, frogs, lizards and a chicken.   Visit the It's Important to Paws website for more information about his books, greeting cards and calendars.


In support

The studio strives to make a difference in the community when it comes to ensuring forever homes for dogs, cats and other animal companions.  We are available to nearly all organized Alaska animal rescue and adoption organizations and agencies every Thursday morning, pro bono.  This is a service we've provided in partnership with Friends of Pets for more than two decades.   Call us at (907) 868-1680 to let us know if we can help.

 Rescue.  Adopt.  Love animal companions.