The Blog is Back

The past six months have been a whirlwind of change and renewal. Much like a hike with Layla up the slop of Little O'Malley Peak with scree and wind.  But the end result has been worth it - with awesome rewards and accomplishments.

With the sale of the studio property (a location we adored for 16 years), the big move and our grand opening event coming Saturday, May 15, I took a break with the blog and it was placed on the shelf for awhile.  But it's back now!

Shown here, Layla poses along Turnagain Arm Trail as we hiked 4-5 miles with a beautiful view of the inlet.   Her friends were Salcha, Zoe, Yentna & Mocha.  I call the group photo "The Avengers.  Canine Corps."  They all look like super hero dogs.  Their only Kryptonite: Jerky Treats.

Today's adventure included engagement photography in anticipation of a wedding I'll capture in June.

What dogs mean to us.

At least twice a year I ask friends who follow David Jensen Photography on Facebook to submit photographs they've captured featuring their own dogs.

I recently posted the question "What does your dog mean to you?"

More than 160 responses followed that request.  Friends included photographs of their dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs along with a five-word-reply explaining what their pets mean to them.

The video shown below was created as a gift celebrating those responses.  It's been viewed several hundred times via my David Jensen Photography YouTube Channel.

I hope you enjoy the final result!  If you do, please follow us on Facebook.  Stay tuned for the third video featuring wonderful animal companions based on your submissions.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  What a fun project.


High School Senior portrait season is upon us.
Here's a glimpse of today's work with Amber in the early afternoon and later in the day, Jack.
The '57 Thunderbird was a popular prop today!

Amazing weekend with Layla and friends

Layla posed at about 10 p.m. with Flat Top in the background as we began our wait for the Aurora Borealis.  The lights started their dance at about 1 a.m.

Sunday, in particular, was outstanding.
Layla and I asked Carolyn Franks (studio assistant/photographer) to join us on our first shoot of the day - beginning at 9:30 a.m.  We traveled to Glen Alps and then Turnagain Arm with Cindi and her two Belgian Tervurens.  Included in the mini slide show below is a portrait featuring Carly (15) and Beamer (11.)

Next, Layla and I paired up for a sunset and aurora photography adventure above Glen Alps.  This required hauling 30+ lbs of gear up the hill on a trail to Flat Top Mountain in South Anchorage.  Gear included strobe lighting, LED flashlights and a large assortment of camera equipment.  We were on the side of the mountain for almost five hours.  It was worth it as the Northern Lights danced wildly for a time.  Skyler, a very photogenic and talented Australian Shepherd posed with Layla for one of the images shown below.  Awesome dogs!

Layla by my side - and and our third book - Spring, 2016

A small collection of recent photographs featuring my doggy soul mate Layla.  Each photograph has a story of its own.

And, each photo will perhaps be included in my third book - due Spring, 2016 - focusing on Layla, her many adventures and the 100s of dogs, cats, miniature pigs, tractors, fire trucks, four-wheelers, rifles, motorcycles, cliffs, cool cars and people she's posed with since we adopted her a few years ago.  I already know this will be my best creation yet.

Layla and Rhiannon

Layla is a regular fixture on my photography adventures.  Shown here, she added her sparkle to Rhiannon's High School senior portrait session (Service High School - class of 2016.)

Belle and Jewel

It's always so much fun working with The Sanders Dog Zoo.   Friday was no exception and I love the results of our work together Lori, Barry and Connie.  I think we captured my favorite-ever photo of you Barry!
See you again in a few days.

Captain Sharkey

Every time I'm honored to work with your family I spend the remainder of the day smiling.  You all have that affect on me.  Thank you and congratulations on all of your many accomplishments.
Geez ... here I go smiling again!

Cassie. Class of 2016

There were so many great photographs captured from our time together Friday afternoon, Cassie.  I don't know where to start ...

Here are just a few highlighting some of our adventures together.  Thank You!

Bethany. Class of 2016

High school senior portrait season is locked in 100%.  Wednesday's work included fantastic fun with work at the studio photographing  Bethany and her dogs, Oki and Pippin.  Then, we worked our way down the highway along a blustery Turnagain Arm with this wonderful young lady who will graduate in 2016.

Thank you, Bethany.  You are beautiful inside and out.

Fresh air at 4,100'

Tesse, Kobuk and Layla joined me for a hike up to Rendezvous Peak (above Arctic Valley and Toklat Creek) this past Sunday with eight other dogs and their people.  All three - as shown - are rescues from different sources.  Tesse (13.5) is one of our Friends of Pets rescues.  Kobuk (8) was adopted from Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary (Nikiski), and Layla (8) was adopted after being rescued from a home on Elmendorf by a friend and Golden Retriever enthusiast, Kathleen.

The hike was four-miles round trip with an elevation of about 4.100'.  All up hill and then down.

Clara and Emmy

These two exquisite Field Spaniels brought their favorite person to Anchorage all the way from Valdez for this series of portraits.

Emmy and Clara (aka Clara the Cantankerous) are expert agility dogs.  They're also quite talented with dance routines and perform regularly.  There are few dancing dogs in Alaska and these two are very talented.

Thank you Kathryn Hawkins, DVM for visiting this week.

Stephen and Sasha

Check out this beautiful adopted husky.  Sasha, with her glacial blue eyes, is a true gem.

Our newest employee, Katherine, assisted for her first session experience at our studio.  We traveled a very busy Seward Highway to Falls Creek and then McHugh Creek for the photographs shown here featuring Sasha with her favorite guy - Stephen.  He adopted her last year from Anchorage Animal Care and Control.

Welcome aboard, Katherine!

Andrew and Rebecca's engagements

We're excited to photograph Andrew and Rebecca's wedding in early August overlooking Anchorage from the hillside.

These are a few of the engagement portraits Carolyn and I captured along Turnagain Arm and a park in mid-town.

Love those ears.

Thank you Debra and Antonio.  You have an amazing family with your gentle, loving giants.
What a treat to be able to spend time with and photograph them.  So beautiful.