Session Information Sheet

About the studio

We’ve been licensed, insured and photographing people and animal companions for more than 25 years in Alaska.

The studio is also known by the name Alaska Pet-ography.

We’re located in South Anchorage on Abbott Road - across the street from Fred Meyer and Carol's Jr.

The studio is a stand-alone / store-front business with three employees.


Studio Hours

10 - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday.     Saturdays and other hours available by appointment.
We recommend that you call ahead if you plan to visit us for a consultation or other visit - including pickup of prints and products.


How to Schedule Sessions and Consultations

We only schedule sessions via phone or in-person.
Sessions will not be booked via email or social media.

Consultations are always in your best interest.  We want to show you the studio, meet the DJP crew and talk about all of your wishes via phone or in-person.  We can answer most of your pre-session questions (how to prepare, what to wear and how it all works) during your consultation.
Call to set up a time for your free consultation.

Call 2-3 weeks in advance of when you wish to schedule your photography session.  Saturdays are often booked a couple months in advance.  We still want you to call just in case we have openings.  We only book 1-2 sessions any given day.

Call immediately if you have an animal companion who may not be with you much longer.  We'll work around your schedule.

When scheduling sessions, please include a buffer of time before and after your session.  Our sessions sometimes run a little bit longer than originally planned and we work best when not worrying about other appointments you might have.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations without 24-hours notice and No-Shows will forfeit pre-paid session fees unless we learn that a health emergency prevented our customers from arriving as scheduled..  This policy ensures that we can pay our employees who have also set aside time in their calendars to assist during your session.  It allows us a small amount of time to attempt to schedule another family in that time slot.

In most cases, we will call our customers 2-3 days in advance to confirm sessions and sales appointments.  We ask that you return the call to confirm your ability to hold your date and times in the calendar.  Professional support staff is scheduled specifically to lead and assist with sessions and sales appointments.


Payment Terms

The studio accepts Mastercard, Visa, checks and cash.  In some cases, we can work out payment plans.

We ask that you pay for your session fees and purchases in advance before we can provide services or products.