When Age Has No Leash - Full Speed Ahead.

Grizzabella and me - a selfie captured early this evening during our stroll.

Five weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter (crowd-source-funding) program to finance the new book - When Age Has No Leash, Lessons learned from senior dogs.

Five months ago, we began photographing senior dogs for this project.  70+ dogs in all.

Two and one half years ago, Grizzabella inspired me to learn more about senior dogs.

Today, the project was funded.  It is at the printer.  It will arrive at the studio within two months.

Here's a video I created called The Making of When Age Has No Leash.

The video is my way of thanking every one for supporting this book.  It shows - just a bit - how much love I've felt and tried to share all along the way.