Sharing Flash.

We share a lot of stories through our images here.  A lot of emotions, too.  It's part of what makes photography so important to me and to everyone we meet.

Shown here is Flash.  We met her at just a week old.  She came into our home at eight weeks old as a forever part of the Jensen family.

She's been through three surgeries in the past six months.  Two of those procedures happened in the past 30 days (one was today) to remove some nasty stuff.  We're doing what we can.  And frankly, I'm in a world of denial with the hopes that it will help with my usual  positive energy.

Thousands have met Flash over the years at the studio.  She's been my 24/7 side-kick at the studio for more than 10 years.  She's put smiles on faces for years.

Happy thoughts for her.  :)