A studio 'selfie' with help from Layla behind the camera.  She's such a talented golden retriever.

We have a few surprises coming in the  weeks to follow.

One that I can talk about right now is that the University of Alaska Journalism and Public Communications Program will present its 2014 Alumni of the Year Award to me Friday, May 2, 2014.

What an honor.  I was really caught off guard by the announcement and couldn't be more pleased to say that UAA's JPC program, its professors, instructors and student body are a significant reason I'm in business as a photographer.

The award was established three years ago to recognize past graduates for their work in the field of journalism and contributions to the community.
I graduated from UAA in 1989. 

Again ... I am very honored and proud to be part of a program has done so much for so many - and can't count how many times I've encourage our high school senior customers to consider enrolling at UAA's School of Journalism and Public Communications.