Kelsey's new adventure.

Kelsey and Murphy.

Kelsey began working at the studio in 2005. Her mom had recently visited the studio for executive portraits and mentioned that her daughter was interested in photography. I hired Kelsey immediately out of high school.

Nine years have passed since then and her personality, talent, leadership and passion have touched too many customers and animal companions to count. If you know the studio, you and love Kelsey.  So do we.
Kelsey has been my anchor at the studio.  And I've been honored to have her represent the studio for so many years.

Today was Kelsey's last day at the studio as its manager.

Next week, she'll begin her new adventure which will include doing freelance work for the studio - continuing to touch everyone with her imagination and creativity. She'll also be branching out beyond the studio in ways you''ll hear about soon.

It's been an emotional ride these past few days for all of us. Today and the days to follow will require some mental adjustments. But I couldn't be more proud of Kelsey's growth and what she's about to accomplish.  Her wings will fly high.

We love you Kelsey.    See you next week!