Peonies. A short story.

Before Carol and I purchased the studio building in 2000, I walked the neighborhood and talked to and sought approval from more than 30 neighbors before beginning our plans to rehabilitate the property. All were supportive with one fun an...omaly. A delightful elderly neighbor woman three houses down looked me square in the eyes as her face tightened in an "oh-oh, grandma's about to lay down the law" expression and she said "I'll support your studio plans as long as you don't hurt those Peonies!!!!"

I'm pleased to say that, 14 years later, we have what must be Anchorage's largest Peonies.
Sadly, they only thrive in full bloom for a couple weeks. But they are gorgeous. Pink and two-tone Peonies are also blooming.

Mini Mouse approves. Our neighbor, bless her heart, does too.