Pawstice 2014

Here's a short sneak peek of things to come - images from Pawstice 2014.

This was the 4th annual Pawstice that was created and hosted by our studio.  It's a free event for friends of the studio and animal care organizations that make a difference in our community.  In total, the celebration drew 100+ dogs and their people.  Doug and Debra Lindsay, retired United Methodist ministers, offered blessings to dogs throughout the day.  A rabbit and horse also joined in on the fun.

Peg Banks and Kari Campbell sang a beautiful rendition of Bob Dylan's Forever Young.  It brought happy tears to many.  For me, I kept hoping for more and more verses!  It was just that good.

We're working on a video that will highlight the entirety of Pawstice 2014 - with Peg and Kari's music in the background.  Expect to enjoy that in the next very few days.

And heartfelt praise goes out to the volunteers who helped make this event happen:   Kara, Cassie, Judy, Joanie and more to be listed Monday.  A tip of the hat to everyone at the studio for their teamwork and leadership:   Taylor, Carolyn and Carol.  Wow.  I am so totally impressed.