The Pet Stop

I met Dr. Riley Wilson more than 30 years ago when he was a veterinarian at Anchorage Animal Hospital - - located off Tudor Road.  He was working with Dr. Scott at the time.

Immediately, I realized that Riley was an incredible talent.  The fact that he had a golden retriever of his own (I was bringing my original wonder dog Lindsay - a golden retriever - in for checkups) immediately connected me to him.

Three decades later and we continue to have an exceptional relationship.  He operates The Pet Stop these days.  For about three years, we were neighbors in the same building (1997-2000.)

Over the years I've photographed his entire staff - including most of the images viewed on The Pet Stop website.

This evening, Taylor and I photographed his staff - including 26 wonderful professionals (and friends), 24 dogs and a chinchilla.

I'm speechless beyond what I've already said.  This is an amazing group of people.

Click Here to visit The Pet Stop website.