2015 - Great things to come.

Tyson and Kien pose in front of a wall art/gallery wrap portrait I created with them in 2009.

While the studio continues to offer its signature services including family, high school senior and animal companion portraits, we have lofty goals to complete in 2015.

First - everything we accept as a project is accomplished thanks to every customer who walks through our doors, every person who purchases one of our books, and all who offer words of encouragement to what we aspire to stand for in our community.  Thank you.  Thank you.

1.  I'm working on my next book project.  It will focus on cats and their relationships with people and their favorite companions.  Shown here, Tyson and Kien revisited.  I photographed these two larger than life personalities five years ago.  Allison, their favorite companion, agreed to bring this duo back for a reunion portrait that will appear in the new book.   The book will be released in August or September, 2015.  It will be the third in my It's Important to Paws series.  The proposed title is Catpurred Moments.  Lessons learned from cats exposed.

Tyson and Kien recreated their portrait from 2009.  Totally cool!

2.  The studio has engaged CIRI and Cook Inlet Housing Authority in a new pro bono project that will mirror our work with Horizon House two years ago.  In a few weeks, we will begin photographing residents of Centennial Plaza and their four-legged companions.  This project, which is funded using proceeds from sales of It's Important to Paws book sales, will highlight the significance of housing facilities that allow dogs and cats to live with its residents.

We begin this project the second week of March with free photography sessions.  Then, the studio will create a permanent exhibit starring as many dogs, cats and their people as possible.  We hope this project will encourage other non-profits and corporations to design housing projects and policies that encourage animal companionship - especially for senior citizens.

3. Alaska Affordable Veterinary Clinic opens its doors to the residents of Anchorage (especially North/East Anchorage) February 15, 2015.  Taylor, our office assistant, and I have installed a brand new permanent exhibit of portrait work throughout this amazing new facility.  We can't wait to hear everyone's reaction to the portraits featuring dogs, cats, birds and a mouse!

4. We're beginning negotiations with another - very well-known - veterinary care organization in Anchorage that we hope will also feature some of our newest work.

5. Finally, work on my fourth book - focusing on hiking Alaska's trails with dogs throughout Alaska - is well underway.  This book will illustrate some of Alaska's best trails - particularly those that welcome dog companionship.  It will include hiking tips, gear and safety ideas, scenery, maps and best of all - amazing Alaska dogs.  This project will be released in April, 2016.  It's tentative title is:  Alaska Trails and Tails.  Lessons learned and not quite over the hill.