Job opening

Summer is approaching.  And bookings at the studio are stacking up (families, pets, high school seniors and more.)

In August, long-time assistant Taylor will leave for college and I'm so proud of her.
She's graduating from high school next week.

So, now we're preparing for the inevitable.  This means hiring and training a new part-time employee that will begin his or her position by June 1, 2015.

Here's the job description.  Perfect job for a high school student.  You'll learn a lot from me and also pick up quite a bit of experience about running a small business while earning money.

* Email replies only *

Part-time/temporary office and photography studio assistant at 25-year established/popular Anchorage studio. The successful applicant will have a driver's license and their own car. The successful applicant will have an open schedule between summer-early winter. Position will require an average of 20 hours per week - some days, evenings and weekends. Stong organizational skills. This position will require a lot of detailed work. It also includes close contact with people and their dogs, cats, horses and other animals. This is not a primary photographer position. However, depending on your skills, you may be asked to create some images. Physical requirements: Assistant will sometimes be required to carry up to 20lbs of gear into the mountains - perhaps 1-4 miles at a time, and learn how to set up and operate lights and top of the line Canon cameras (Mark 1D X and others.) I will provide basic training. If you're not afraid of occasional scooping of the poop and some other day-to day maintenance; office tasks; full-on dog face licks; working under pressure with a smile; and putting up with a perfectionist photographer; this might be a good opportunity to learn and earn. Review my websites before expressing interest. Then, email me based on the contact info on either site. Provide a statement of interest, level of work-place experience and contact information. No Calls. No Texts.